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Working with the techniques and insights of both traditional and digital painting, I seek new visual metaphors that resonate with our own personal experience--in short, an art that speaks of the human condition.

The characters in my picture dramas are twofold:
• First, various likenesses and symbols for the basic forms of all things organic; and
• Second, The inner and outer spaces, natural and architectural, where the physical and spiritual worlds reside.

These characters are copied, sometimes again and again, and then altered so they appear as different stages of the same being. The resulting patterns are laid out and intertwined in rising or receding arrangements that suggest the passage of time, metamorphosis and the openings and closings inherent in our existence.

The energies of the image seem to speed up and burst forth, or slow down, fadeaway… and freeze into the building blocks of the background. I paint the parts together, fusing them into a larger whole. The final effect is one where the pictorial movement and the pictorial structure morph back-and-forth -- Not altogether unlike listening to a symphony over time but being able to view it's foundation and development in a single glance.

And as our attentions alternate between that single glance and the many movements of the parts, perhaps we get a new glimpse or a different sense of the aforementioned human condition: The ever-changing, never changing cycle of life.


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