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Richard Samuelson's work has been exhibited in numerous commercial galleries and in public and non-profit spaces such as MoMA PS1 in NYC; The Painted Bride in Philadelphia (solo show); The Noyes Museum in NJ; The Ocean City Arts Center in NJ (solo); The Arnot Museum in Elmira NY; 10 Downtown in NYC (solo).  His art book, "The Long History of a Short Bridge" was purchased by the MoMA Library.


• Born in New York City
• involuntarily circumcised
• and quickly shuffled off to the suburbs

• where I had, what seemed like at the time, a normal childhood

• moved back to the city and enrolled at NYU
• noticed some transient moodiness
• went to London and saw the Turners
• started painting with an encaustic boiling wax technique
• nearly burnt down Manhattan's lower East side
• changed career path without discernible disappointment from my professors
• graduated with discernible disappointment
• enrolled at the Art Students League
• rented a loft in Chelsea
• had first New York show
• read newspaper headline: Washington to NYC –"Drop Dead"
• thought it a good time to get out of town
• moved to Cape May New Jersey
• opened Poor Richards Inn, a Victorian B+B
• noticed moodiness not entirely result of New York City residency
• painted in the winter; drew – and made beds – in the summer
• got married; had two great kids
• had love affair with French Oil Pastels
• which was part of a series of 600 drawings and paintings of an imaginary bridge
• which was published in book form by Max Jacobson Books
• purchased by MOMA library
• 60 pieces from series exhibited at Philadelphia's Painted Bride
• got divorced
• noticed I still had two great kids
• inner voice spoke: begin doing black humor cartoons
• noticed change in moodiness
• dated
• noticed I was dated
• sold Poor Richard's Inn
• painted full-time
• married love of my life
• got into gardening
• painted in black-and-white
• To Whom It May Concern, book of cartoons, published
• painted and collaged in color
• back to school: realized work needed digital boost
• painted Guernica Revisited, transitional work between traditional and digital               painting

• Now? Give me some feedback in the Contact section 

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